A Message from Richale with Love

One of the greatest lessons that I will share in this 12-week telecourse is what my mentor Christian Simpson, millionaire, said to me while holding my hands and looking me lovingly in the eyes. He said, “Richale, If you fail to go within you will go without!” 

I will never forget that day and how it changed my life. I couldn’t call myself a coach without having benefited from being coached myself. I have some of the greatest mentors and now you have the chance to have one too. If you trust the process, it can truly change your life! Allow me to coach and mentor you as I teach you what I have learned personally and have taught thousands of women just like you in the art of living from the INside, Out!

You Won’t Just Meet Richale,

You’ll Experience Richale

Who do you turn to when you need to be poured into? Your CEO responsibilities don’t end at 5 pm… you go home to be the CEO… to church…and to other areas on the community… and you need support to harmonize it all. Simply put, you are never too wise, seasoned, or arrived that you couldn’t benefit from mentorship!

I created this 12-week format for maximum INpact, INtimacy, and INvaluable support. You have weekly access to me as your mentor and many other bonuses as you trust the process. This is the only program I offer that is strictly for women because my heart is for us to move forward in our nurturing capacity with strength and fervor to bring about transformation to those we all love and support.

My success is your success, and I’ve got a lot of it!



As women, we are special and powerful creations yet often times we are the only woman in corporate rooms and yearn for our supports to be able to relate to our needs. I’ve been there!


My heart is that as I continually shift from success to significance, I use my specialized knowledge, skills, and giftings to help you make the same shift. I believe in you!


We are all stronger, more INpactful, and INpowered together! We were created to connect! I want to connect with you in powerful way!


I desire a community of cultural creatives, that means I need you and you need me. As creatives, we must duplicate ourselves in the world to make major INpact! I support your growth!

about richalE r. reed


I am a C.E.O, Transformational Therapist, & Global INpowermement Coach & Consultant. I combine my personal story of trauma, addiction, poverty, and the effects of mental illness with my formal licensure in mental health and addictions counseling. I was specially trained in coaching by Valorie Burton. I then became a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach and I remain a part of his team.

I support audiences through a transformative process of inner work through mind-management and renewal in an enlightening and engaging way. During the pandemic Ie became a three times bestselling author and presented at Podcast Wellness Week. Sharing the virtual stage with Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Joy Bradford, & John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” a career highlight.

In my spare time I love increasing my self awareness, enjoying family, traveling, great food, and I am a jazz enthusiast!



"Richale Reed ranks among some of our best."

Richale has deep professional expertise, and it shows. Her passion for the subject matter is infectious. She draws on her career as a mentor and a counselor, which helps bring out the leader in our Early Childhood Professionals.


In sum, it is my pleasure to give Richale Reed my highest recommendation as a presenter. She will deliver valuable information and analysis in an inspiring and entertaining manner.


Julanda Jett
Professional Development Manager


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