This course is 12 weeks of personal, leadership, and connection development with topics as Awareness, Connecting Through Charisma, & Emotional Agility to name a few.

In this course your leaders will explore 3 key areas: Personal Growth, Leadership Development, and Communication Skills.

Infuse positive culture & defuse conflict

Meet & exceed organizational benchmarks

Retain top talent and lower your organizations costs

leadership training especially

for women

Did you know that women leaders are at risk of entering and maintaining leadership roles due to a lack of support? Did you know that women with children have even greater challenges due to lack of support? Did you know that diversity in leadership is lacking due to gatekeepers, male dominance, and white-privlege? Did you know that YOU CAN CHANGE THIS?

Women’s leadership is suffering globally. In a 2018 study on diversity despite being prepared as leaders, they report roadblocks to support that would help them balance their personal and professional (leadership) life. You can bring in unbiased reinforcement for your female leaders to move your company culture into a leading edge!

The IM CEO Telecourse promotes women in leadership through personal and professional development. This course will help you meet your organization’s benchmarks for nurturing this powerful base of leaders and that is why we are offering this course to organizations with 10+ women leaders at a discounted rate because we are invested in helping you make the difference in leadership that impacts the world. 

about richalE r. reed


I am a C.E.O, Transformational Therapist, & Global INpowermement Coach & Consultant. I combine my personal story of trauma, addiction, poverty, and the effects of mental illness with my formal licensure in mental health and addictions counseling. I was specially trained in coaching by Valorie Burton. I then became a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach and I remain a part of his team.

I support audiences through a transformative process of inner work through mind-management and renewal in an enlightening and engaging way. During the pandemic Ie became a three times bestselling author and presented at Podcast Wellness Week. Sharing the virtual stage with Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Joy Bradford, & John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” a career highlight.

In my spare time I love increasing my self awareness, enjoying family, traveling, great food, and I am a jazz enthusiast!

You Won’t Just Meet Richale,

You’ll Experience Richale

Who do you turn to when you need to be poured into? Your CEO responsibilities don’t end at 5 pm… you go home to be the CEO… to church…and to other areas on the community… and you need support to harmonize it all. Simply put, you are never too wise, seasoned, or arrived that you couldn’t benefit from mentorship!

I created this 12-week format for maximum INpact, INtimacy, and INvaluable support. You have weekly access to me as your mentor and many other bonuses as you trust the process. This is the only program I offer that is strictly for women because my heart is for us to move forward in our nurturing capacity with strength and fervor to bring about transformation to those we all love and support.

My success is your success, and I’ve got a lot of it!

bonus offer

One free 1 Hour John Maxwell training for your ENTIRE organization

The IM CEO Course will infuse positive culture into your organization by growing your leaders at their own pace. If the message of your organization is to spread and truly make an impact, it will only happen through building up your most valuable resource; that is, your people, and in this case, your women leaders.

ONE OF My Valued Clients


Richale exudes confidence and makes it apparent that she has done her research prior to each event, lecture, or conference. Her professionalism and ability to connect with civic leaders within the community in order to take part in making her community healthier by providing relevant information. Every review we received on her presentation returned with top ratings.

I highly recommend her for an engaging, thorough, and informative presentation on everything mindset, leadership, women’s empowerment, both mental health and Substance Use treatment and crisis management.”

Louis C. Leake Jr.
Former Regional Vice President of the Addictions Professionals of NC

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