H.O.W. Program

Harmonizing Organizational Wellness

H.O.W. Program

Harmonizing Organizational Wellness

H.O.W. Well Is Your Organization?

The H.O.W program is our corporate group coaching program accessed on site or via video technology. This program is like no other and is customized to your organization using our organizational wellness assessment. This assessment is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between your external change agent and your organization.

Let me show you H.O.W through this comprehensive program that offers executive individual and group coaching, team building, and leadership retreats. Your options are endless to engage in all or part of the program fitting your organizations needs.


Are YOU or your organizations leaders burnt out, over-extended?


Do YOU or they need refreshing, uplifting, empowering, training?


Have YOU spent tons of money on changing processes instead of investing in your leaders?

H.O.W. It Works

Our Process

Identification & Relationship Building

Our Plan Offerings

Stategic Planning & Implemntation

Our Purpose

Redefining, Commitment & Celebration

The Solution

1 Year of growth and support customized to fit your organization unique needs!

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Richale, you have an unique ability to hear what I say and don’t say, which makes me feel safe, special, and helps me execute change in both my professional and personal life, thank you.


Confidential Executive CEO, Children’s Advocacy Center