Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get started?  The easiest way is to book a complimentary session with Richale to hire her either for SPEAKING or COACH ME RICHALE https://bit.ly/CHATRRR
  2. Do you have a media kit?  Yes, you can access it here:  https://bit.ly/RichaleSpeaks
  3. Can we advertise or become affiliates?  Yes, that is possible just contact us https://inpoweryou.com/contact/
  4. What is the difference between therapy and coaching?  To best answer this question, you can listen to The Power Within Podcast with Richale, Episode 0009 The Difference Between Counseling and Coaching then schedule a complimentary call if you need our services. Also make sure to follow and like while there!
  5. What type of coaching do you offer?  We offer life and executive coaching which includes the end result of transformation, frequently referred to as transformational coaching. We offer coaching for a select number of individual clients as well as corporate groups.
  6. Do you provide coaching online or in person? We provide both as we are powered with technology. This all depends on the climate in our world due to the recent pandemic.
  7. How long does the coaching process take?  The relationship is a special one not to be rushed. Generally, the corporate H.O.W program is 1 year minimum. Equally the individual relationship is special and usually is most effective for 6 months to a year; yet is based on the individuals needs.
  8. Richale is called the CLAR.R.R.ITY Coach, Why?  Not only do her clients anticipate her but they overwhelming profess to the clarity, increased self-awareness and confidence, and joy they receive from working with her. The 3 R’s in clarity refer to an approach she has called the Triple R Effect. This approach was first coined in her book, A Black Butterfly’s Journey Towards CLAR.R.R.ITY: Reveal Renew Reignite!  It’s a process of mind management and renewal, Richale’s specialty!  (http://bit.ly/CLARRRITY)
  9. What are Richale’s credentials?  She earned licensure as a clinical mental health therapist, a John Maxwell Certified Trainer Speaker & Coach, and a degree in Early Childhood Education. Richale is also a 3 X Best Selling Author.
  10. Richale is a therapist too, what does that mean for me?  You win!  As a therapist and coach, Richale is highly skilled and that separates her from your average coach!  You will not meet another like Richale with the varied skill set that she has!  It also means that she is more than qualified to support you regardless of your concerns quickly moving you or your leaders forward in the organization. For organizations, it also means that if you need EAP-like services, crisis management and stabilization, Richale can support you.
  11. If I have a general question or need administrative support, who do I contact? Email info@inpoweryou.com or contact us here https://inpoweryou.com/contact/ and the Executive Assistant or Office Manager will respond.