inpowerMENT coaching

As a licensed counselor & certified John Maxwell coach, I’m skilled at making sense of what you’re going through now as well as forecast what challenges may be ahead.

Coaching utilizes the gift of foreseeing with the goal of paving the way forward. Allow me to come alongside you helping you to uncreate & overcome limiting beliefs and achieve your desired goals.

My coaching involves the ability to

understand you...

. . . to explore your current belief systems, to join you in “thinking about your thinking,” and support you in honoring the journey from past to present. From this place of power, I will stretch you gently to see a more empowering way. I’ll share with you my own lived experience as well as my decades of study in human potential.

private and confidential

Life Coaching

Considering personal, life, or faith-based coaching? In this one-on-one relationship, it is my highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals. Not sure what they are? No worries! In this creative & organic process, I will help you identify them and support you all the way through to the transformation you desire. My clients overwhelmingly attest to gaining clarity through a weekly process that includes INtrospection, INgagement, Accountability, and unparalleled Support.

For executive C.E.O’s and leaders

Executive Coaching

Considering executive coaching for yourself? When I am working with you one-on-one, it is my highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision and professional goals including harmonizing (not balancing) work and home life using Fortune 500 tools I am licensed to administer. Together, we will enter a creative, organic process with strategic components where you gain clarity through a weekly process of introspection, supportive feedback, and accountability.

Organizational Wellness

Group Coaching

The H.O.W program (Harmonizing Organizational Wellness) is our corporate group coaching program accessed on site or via video technology. This program is like no other and is customized to your organization using our organizational wellness assessment. This assessment is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between your external change agent and your organization.

Let me show you H.O.W through this comprehensive program that offers executive individual and group coaching, team building, and leadership retreats. Your options are endless to engage in all or part of the program fitting your organizations needs.


You will not regret hiring her!

If you’re looking for a coach who will motivate you, encourage you, support you and hold you accountable, look no further. The moment I connected with Richale, I knew there was a reason why she came into my life that was much bigger than I would be able to comprehend at the time. Anyone who works with Richale, will see clearly the positive transformation she will help them make in their life. You will not regret hiring her!

Jessica Rosario


The CEO Self Care Suite

This community is a safe space that supports C.E.O’s, entrepreneurs and kingdomprenuers focused on self-care. Enter only if you want to experience a celebration of who we are over what we do!


I believe that the we are the C.E.O’s (chief executive officers) of our own lives. As your INpowerment coach I am gifted in showing you how to nurture your Godfidence creating a fulfilling life. My focus will be to help you access your inner power to transform your life.

Has your life been shaken by an unexpected new challenge? Or has your life reintroduced a challenge that you thought you had overcome? Of course, it happens to us all!

My soulmate client tends to experience a “shaking” of their faith. They come to coaching to gain clarity of purpose rooted in God’s word. They come to gain both support and accountability for developing their power within. You see, coaching promotes a powerful synergy! MATTHEW 18:20 KJV explains the power of this synergy. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” This is what gets me excited! Together you, me, and the Creator synergize to accelerate your growth & get you moving in the direction of your purpose.

Have your life challenges impacted your career in some way? Are you stuck even after praying about God’s timing and uncertain of what’s stopping you? I have been there as well.

My soulmate clients are women CEOs, entrepreneurss, kingdom-preneurs, or other leaders who want to next level their leadership goals. Their focus tends to be on their careers but they want change from a faith foundation. If you are not willing to leave your faith behind to get there then Christian Executive Coaching is for you! It is my highest objective to hear what you say and don’t say. Together, you, me, and the Creator synergize to accelerate your growth as a leader.

Have you ever felt like you needed to hear the story of another sister in order to make sense of your own story? Group coaching is where we get together to understand how much we are better together. This takes place in the form of masterminds and other events when we have at least 3 women or more. Our groups are intimate and max out at 25 beautifully complex women.

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A BLACK BUTTERFLY’S JOURNEY TOWARDS CLAR.R.R.ITY: REVEAL RENEW Reignite! is a time of clearly realizing your God-given potential and purpose with the guidance of your soon to be, favorite therapist, coach, and sister-friend, Richale. A heartwarming conversation putting to rest old narratives in a way that honors your journey, thus promoting new thinking and new ways of being. As a result, “CLAR.R.R.ITY” that allows you to honor yourself, your family, community, and Creator are renewed.

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