You were born for Adversity!

The moment you commit yourself God moves too. You’re a leader whose found yourself in the midst of adversity. You are baffled by the resurgence of problems all around you and doubt is beginning to set in. Your first mind is to go into fight, flight, or freeze mode because you are unsure of what is happening and doubting your ability to manage it. I’ve been there so let me encourage you. Begin to inhale deeply and exhale (repeat). No need to run or get stuck, keep moving in the direction of the adversity. Stay committed because the moment you commit yourself God will move with and for you.


All sorts of things have happened to you that you couldn’t fathom; yet it is in this space that you’ll soon discover what you are both made of and made for. Edward Roberts said, “Every human mind is a great slumbering power until awakened a keen desire and a definite resolution to do.” This adversity is going to wake you up!  Maybe, you’ve been too comfortable thinking you can lead in your own strength. Perhaps, you were working your intellectual muscles while your spiritual muscles weakened. Maybe, you left God at home thinking there was no room for him in your leadership role. These ideas promote you spirit being in a comma-like state. Simply put, your spirit is asleep until you awaken to the things God where you have unlimited and divine power; this is your power within. The power within is the power over your own life that you were given to steward which is a great responsibility. This power is an even greater responsibility when you awaken to the impact your life’s choices can have on others. Your impact can be great or it can be grave. Choose to make a great impact! It’s also the power to co-create your life with God. Zig Ziglar warns us against living life as a wandering generality, but a meaningful specific which means that every single morning you awake with new mercies, you put your feet on the ground with purpose to lead those assigned to you!  Proverbs 17:17 reminds you that you were born for adversity and warns you not to succumb to thoughts or behaviors unbecoming of the leader you were created to be.


You can overcome any adversity by first recognizing that adversity begins in your mind which you must guard (Proverbs 24:3) and is defeated when you commit yourself to being divinely inspired through the mind of Christ. Commit to spiritual work. Move past interest into commitment. When you are interested in doing something you do it when its convenient for you but when committed you accept no excuses only results. This is because you have an expectation of the end result (Jeremiah 29:11). If you commit to getting the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5-8) as a leader in your organization, expect God to show you the expected end and the end from the beginning, and give you peace in the midst of the storm of your mind, heart, and physical environment (Philippians 4:7), causing you to become a transformational leader born for adversity.


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