I Don’t Care Part III: Do You Care Now?

You’ve read part I and II of this series considered your past and how it’s showing up in your present. If you care enough today to auto-correct that is all that matters. Leave the past behind and move forward with some new healthy ways of being with yourself and others.

Let’s be clear, your feelings have their place, but they are not first place! Feelings serve us in many ways but if we prioritize our feelings over our thinking and choosing its where we go left.  To go right, you want to acknowledge your feelings but choose thinking first by intentionally sitting with that feeling


I know it may feel uncomfortable, but that is fine, you won’t die and guess what even God is not concerned about your comfort. What I mean by that is it’s being uncomfortable that causes growth. So, don’t just go through it, GROW THROUGH IT. Remember, you were born an overcomer. As your body responds take notice; this is your awareness increasing. Take a few deep breaths, then you want to slow down enough to think about what you are thinking about. Now you are actively shifting your mind which will shift everything else and give you space to make the best decision for you in that moment.


Initially, your concern was a horizontal relationship gone left but was it really?  Horizontal relationships have earthly focus in three categories people, places, and things (like food, money, drugs or alcohol). I want you to consider that this is more about your vertical relationship; that is your relationship with God. When you are in right relationship vertically, it makes navigating the horizontal ones easier. All you need is an alignment of the vertical nature. Reconnecting to God where all your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs are met is the key.  The power you need to overcome is found in your connection with God.


Think about it, do you realize that if you don’t choose well that you are reflecting outwardly your inner relationship with God and yourself?  More importantly, the behavior you choose then becomes to those around you a reflection of God, your Father who you represent.  Do you care now? You may have issue with one or two persons who you claim you don’t care about; yet think about how your response could impact your relationship with the onlookers such as your employees, your colleagues, or your family. Again, at the end of the day, this is about relationship both vertical and horizontal.  How you respond, whether in the board room, court room, or bedroom requires you remembering your kingdom nature and reflection.  Reconnect with God through prayer and meditation then simply ask for His help.  He cares about you!


Blessings, Richale


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