I Do Not Care!!! Part I: I Really Don’t!

Have you ever been so angry or frustrated with someone or some situation that you didn’t care?  Maybe a situation on your job has triggered this attitude. I’ll be the first to admit that I have been there and more than once too. For me, it’s a very dark place to be and I do all I can to vacation elsewhere. I know this is a long shot but maybe you don’t relate, try this one out. Has there ever been a relationship that you have been working so hard to salvage? Like the friend you hired who isn’t cutting the mustard to no avail and you find yourself in that I don’t give a bleepity %@#$ bleep #!@$% mode? Ok now, I’ve got your attention.


Your position in the company won’t allow you to say it. You’re thinking. I could literally lose my career and all I’ve worked for if I lose my composure. Maybe you’re the boss, you could lose the respect of those you employ and be seen as an intolerable hot-head. Back to the expletives, you may not have said it, but you thought it, right?  And if looks could kill, as the lyrics from great R&B trio, Levert says, “It’s written all over your face, you don’t have to say a word.” Ah yeah, that was my jam, because it was so true. Don’t you love songs that say the things you can’t say at the time?  Honey, just hit play and he knew exactly what the deal was. I digress but I know you feel me.


What happens is you convince yourself that because you don’t care, you don’t feel. The problem is you’ve been lying to yourself for such a long time that it’s easy to believe your own lies. The truth is that just because you convince yourself that you don’t care does not exempt you from feeling. You actually feel the anger but you are not aware of it on a conscious level but on a subconscious level and when this happens you choose not use the intellectual faculty of thinking, which when we choose it is also a spiritual faculty.  That’s deep, right?

Consider that the Scriptures remind us to be angry but sin not and that fools don’t consider their words before they speak. Take a minute to think about your thinking. Recall the last time you were so angry that you said you just didn’t care. How did you handle it? Was it from a purely intellectual process or spiritual?  Did you consider the gains and losses? What were they? Did you get what you wanted at the end of the day? I know, thinking about your thinking is work. You can do it, then come back for Part II D-Nile.


Blessings, Richale


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