Encouragement for Job Seekers with Anxiety!

Do you struggle with anxiety and find it challenging to find a meaningful job or career? Be encouraged! Despite the pandemic, now is a great time for those who suffer with social anxiety to seek out new jobs and careers. Work from home jobs from customer service support (entry to corporate level) to online sales. When looking for the perfect job look for opportunities with fewer groups of people. Maybe you enjoy working outside. Consider an outside job such as landscaping. But, if the anxiety is phobia centered (ie. afraid of snakes, spiders, bugs) then a landscaping job would not be the best fit. Don’t give up there are other outside jobs you can look into.
Since there are different types and sub-categories of anxiety, consider seeking a licensed professional mental health expert to help you. I know it’s tempting with all the information on the internet but avoid self-diagnosing at all costs. This will lessen overwhelm and frustration that is often a natural part of looking for a job. A professional can we help you understand your type of anxiety and how to manage it. For example, some use use natural supplements like Magnesium Calm for support. Others use alternatives from essential oils to manmade medications. A professional can also provide ongoing support as you transition into the job that leans to your strengths.

Being creative and prioritizing strengths

Next, being creative and prioritizing strengths above all other factors is key for job seekers. You have strengths despite having social anxiety. If you are unsure of your strengths, consider an assessment. Professionals will help you to apply the information about yourself over time. Assessments are affordable and provide an array of ongoing benefit personal and professional. It’s a true win-win situation!
Ask yourself powerful questions
Next, consider the environment. In essence, job seekers with anxiety should ask themselves questions like:
  • What does a winning environment look like for me? This question is important because they want to be set up to succeed, not fail.
  • How much stress or pressure to perform is there? This will help you assess the demands of the job and reduce overwhelm.
  • And before the interview, answer this question: What are my absolute deal breakers? This will help you develop a clear YES and NO for your perfect job match.
There is no one size fits all solution to the job seekers unique set of skills and challenges and that is a good thing! Yet, if you want to find a work from home job, now is the right time to search. Again, consider, hiring a professional therapist or coach to land the job you desire. Job seekers with anxiety don’t have to succumb to a stressful journey.
Still wondering if you have anxiety? Check out this chart from the Mayo Clinic. Here’s to a successful one!
Your Favorite Therapist, Coach, and Sister-Friend
Richale is a tranformational therapist and coach. She is also the best selling author of A Black Butterfly’s Journey Towards ClaR.R.R.ity Reveal Renew Reignite!


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