4 Tips To Beat Depression Even During A Pandemic!

Those in the Emerald City won’t be alone in experiencing depression this winter. Countless American’s will experience the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D). S.A.D is a type of depression that due to the current COVID19 pandemic will increase. As therapist and coach, I work with dynamic, women who are not immune to the effects of this type of depression; no one is. One in eight women will develop a level of clinical depression during their lifetime, according to Mental Health America. So how do we prevent S.A.D? First, as with anything, you must increase your awareness of it!

What should you know about S.A.D depression:
The most common symptoms of S.A.D in women are:
  • fatigue
  • oversleeping
  • episodes of depressed mood
  • clinical depression
  • and carbohydrate and sugar cravings
  • weight gain.
You know about COVID19 and weight gain, don’t you? Many women have gained weight during this time and blaming it on COVID19.
S.A.D symptoms surface in the autumn and winter due to a lack of sunlight. This happens with daylight savings time changes as well as increased weather changes. The combination of loss of control, financial security, and personal safety is unsettling. Yet, we cannot blame it all on the effects of COVID19. Instead, the social unrest our nation is experiencing is a big contributor. We are all experiencing increased emotional pain and suffering. Consider that cases of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor shootings.
If S.A.D is not treated, you are placing yourself at risk for experiencing complications such as:
  • decreased performance at home/work
  • increased dissatisfaction in your relationships to
  • suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
Are you a woman having suicidal thoughts? Then call The National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for immediate support. It’s easy to isolate during quarantine; but you do not have to go through this alone. Seek the help you need from a loving professional licensed in mental health counseling in your area. I recommend counseling directories Psychology Today and Therapy For Black Girls. In the meantime, you can begin to put in place these 4 tips and suggestions in the prevention of S.A.D!

So…Don’t Get S.A.D, Get G.L.A.D!

Get Out!


COVID19 quarantine can’t stop you from getting out to get some Vitamin D from the sun. Pay close attention to your Vitamin D levels as it affects depressive mood. You can also increase your vitamin D by choosing foods full of it. Consider an over the counter supplement, and if that is not enough, see your primary doctor for blood work.

Lighten Up!


Lighten up! Increase natural sunlight in your home! Natural light inside, even on cloudy days, makes a huge difference in our mood. Depression loves darkness! It feeds off of it. Open the blinds and let God’s natural light come in! Now that most Americans are working from home due to COVID19, make it a priority to open your blinds as soon as you see daylight. Also, invest in a therapy light, my clients love them!


Adjust your attitude!


Adjust your attitude! I am sure you will agree that enduring COVID19 is natural cause for an attitude adjustment. And, if you are like me, a summer baby, you dread the winter. Consider your power to choose and choose to shift your perspective on winter and learn to enjoy it. This process starts with the mind followed by some doing! You can do this by getting out and enjoying the weather alone or with your girl friends.


Daily routine

A daily routine is crucial to preventing S.A.D depressive symptoms during the pandemic. Make gradual improvements to your diet and exercise with my girl Miranda. Also, decrease your intake of high carb and high sugar foods as they contribute to S.A.D symptoms and pack on the pounds.
A loving professional is waiting to give you the support you deserve. If you need immediate support call 1-800-273-TALK! Make that connection today!


Your Favorite, Therapist, Coach, & Sister-Friend, Richale


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